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About or Mission 

The average business owner finds it hard to consistently grow and create value, that can be realised. From the outside in it often looks glamorous to own your own business however few people appreciate the stress associated with keeping the wheels turning, securing attention of the market and keeping customers happy. It can be a lonely experience. Motivating staff and ensuring that money does not run out before you can hit the big straight, is exhausting.

Terbigen brings an understanding and solutions for these day-to-day challenges. Our services address this very challenge. We have the skills, compassion and methodology to support business owners and managers. We help you see your business with new eyes, to see through the clutter of frustrations and insecurity. Working with us enable you to exercise strategic choices to secure your future.    

Terbigen provides for a structured intervention. We help entrepreneurs get started with new ideas, and innovations, we help established companies to find their growth path and business owners a path to exit, at a value that you dream of.   

Terbigen utilises Reinvention tools to help clients gain a new perspective on what is possible and create pathways to revitalisation and growth.  


The Founder and Chief Advisor, Franklin Pieterse (MBA, CRP) has more than 25 years business leadership experience. Having previously held corporate and business roles like CEO, MD, CSO, COO and other senior roles, he has a passion for people, business change and results. He personally provides the support and guidance needed to impact your business.

Certified Reinvention Practitioner 


Terbigen assists business owners with structuring of ventures. Including shareholding arrangements. We further provide guidance on selecting a business model to maximise delivery.


Formulation of a clear strategic plan and driving coherent implementation is critical to achieving growth and achieving value for customers and shareholders. We guide you through this journey  


No matter which sector your business operates in, Terbigen provides market data and analyses that enables you to target effectively and track customer acceptance of your products and services. 


Terbigen provides unique industry perspectives. With our direct experience in ICT, FMCG, Logistics, Engineering and infrastructure we take a practical approach to delivery and value creation.